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About Us

Bowmanville Taxi is a service providing licensed taxicabs and dispatch services to fully independent contractors. It is the drivers who are our direct customer. Our job is to provide the contractors with the resources necessary to provide exceptional service to you, their customer.

Our first mission is to maintain a fleet of clean, reliable and safe vehicles. Each of our vehicles are inspected regularly by fully licensed mechanics. Safety is our top priority. We have adopted a policy that if a driver feels a vehicle is unsafe in any way, the vehicle is to be parked until serviced. The drivers assist us greatly by a process whereby any defects or issues are addressed in a timely manner. With mechanics and drivers working together, our vehicles are guaranteed to be safe, clean and reliable.

Our next mission is to provide the best possible dispatch service we can. Our services are to both the consumer and the drivers. When you call for a cab, we work hard to get you a taxi or a driver of your choice as quickly as possible. We take time calls, set up accounts, schedule regular runs and find drivers to suit your specific needs where required. We make every effort to exceed your expectations.

For the drivers we offer everything we can do for them. Whether it be making their business cards and receipts or arranging to have their customer picked up at a specific time, we are here to accommodate their needs. By focussing on the needs of the drivers, we ensure their ability to provide the best possible service to you.

Drivers & Rates


Drivers at Bowmanville Taxi are fully independent contractors. Many have registered businesses to provide taxicab transportation services while others operate as sole proprietors. Each Driver is under contract to provide service in accordance to the Municipality of Clarington By-Laws.

As Independent Contractors, drivers compete for your business. As the consumer, you may request a specific driver just as you may request not to have a specific driver. The choice is entirely yours. Further, you can arrange pick-ups, out-of-town calls, airport runs, regularly scheduled services or any other services with your driver. Our Dispatch service will work to accommodate the needs of each of the driver's customers as directed by the driver.


The meter rates in Clarington are set by the Municipality and include HST as required by the Provincial and Federal Governments. The rates are established to protect both the Consumer from being over charged, and the Drivers from being forced into price wars. This ensures quality service throughout the Municipality of Clarington.

Rates and other By-Laws pertaining to the Taxi Industry can be viewed on the Municipality of Clarington web site.


During busy times there could be a delay in getting a cab. It is very difficult to know when a larger volume of calls will come in. We work hard to monitor the call volumes to make sure there are sufficient taxis available to service the volumes. When we expect higher volumes we will have extra taxis on the road. Sometimes there is no reason for unusually high volumes of calls. In this case, there will be delays. We appreciate your patience and assure you that volumes are carefully monitored.

A good dispatch can usually determine the approximate time it will take to get a cab. Times are based on the efficiency of the driver, and knowing the customer and the length of time they take. There are, however, exceptions. Sometimes a customer may need a cab to wait for them, or go to another location first. In many cases, the dispatcher is not aware of changes and cabs may take much longer. During very busy times, it is often difficult to predict times. The dispatcher will always do their best to give you an approximate time.

Very often a dispatcher may request a phone number if you don't have call display. This is so they may call you to let you know the cab will be there shortly during busy times.

The answer is no. All cabs in Clarington have the rates set by the Municipality. These are listed in the Municipality of Clarington Web Site.

The answer is no. Any additional charges for remote areas have been removed from the By-Laws. A cab will cost the same regardless of where you are in Clarington.

Absolutely. Feel free to call in advance to reserve your cab. If you are going out-of-town or have an appointment, it is best to reserve a cab. Please give yourself lots of time in case of unforeseen delays.

You most certainly can. Drivers are independent contractor competing for your business. As a consumer, you may request a driver who provides you with the best service. In contrast, you may like all the drivers but may not want a driver for a specific reason. Just as you can ask for a specific driver, please feel free to ask not to have a specific driver if you are in any way dissatisfied.

At Bowmanville Taxi, you get what you want.

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